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Keith is an absolute pleasure to work with in planning the entertainment for our event, and as far as pure entertainer value, gave us more for our money than we could have asked for! His Johnny Cash and Elvis impersonations were remarkable! He was also excellent at reading the crowd for what they wanted...and even though we gave him a time to end his final set, he did not deny the crowd who wanted him to keep going! Keith is a genuine entertainer for the pure pleasure of pleasing your guests, giving them what they came for...having an absolute time of their lives! Julia Demerau

I thought he was great! Everyone loved it! Thanks again!

-Christine W, Miami, FL

I hired Keith to perform at my mother's surprise 60th birthday party. It was a fantastic show. Keith was better than sliced bread. He moved and grooved with hip gyrations that made us blush with excited anticipation wanting more! He was definitely a hunk of burning love! We would highly recommend Keith! We are having another show with him in May. Kim McAfee Dunedin, FL

-Kim M, Dunedin, FL

Keith was awesome! He was on time and was very accommodating to all of our request. Everyone loved the show he put on and we were very impressed by him. I would recomend him to anyone looking for some good entertainment.

-Heather K, Fort Myers, FL


  Keith is an excellent performer, he surpassed our expectations. He was professional, outgoing, very approachable, and an awesome entertainer. He made our wedding perfect.

 -David S, Palm Coast, FL

Elvis-- He was awesome!! Tina -

Tina W, Saint Petersburg, FL

My husband was a huge fan of Elvis Presley at an early age and has collected a lot of memorabilia of Elvis over the years. A Surprise 40th Birthday party was given this past Saturday in his honor. Many guests were invited, including family, friends in his life now, and friends in the past who he went to school with and hadn't seen in years. All had played some part or roll in his 40 years of life. The one person he admired was Elvis, so we hired Keith Coleman thru your company to fill that roll as Elvis and surprise him. Boy, was he surprised! My husband was shocked, and some photo's display a tear or two coming out of his eyes with a solid grin on his face the whole time as he watched Keith/Elvis perform. He couldn't believe it. We later on learned that his parents had taken him to see an Elvis show many years ago when he was younger, and Keith happened to be that same Elvis entertainer. Small world! Keith went out of his way to make this happen and make the party a huge success! Not only did Keith put a smile on my husband's face but everyone else's in the room. He hid out at the neighbors and waited until he got the OK to come over and stood in the front foyer until the introduction was made and came down the hallway as the music played. It was GREAT! Wow! You should have seen all the people's faces especially my husbands. As the entertainment went on, before you know it, my husband was out dancing on the floor, with me along with him. Then before you know it he was dancing with all the ladies in the room. Before you know it he was one step further, Keith had him up there singing with him, the big "E" with his Elvis glasses on and swinging his cape. The Party was on and everyone was clapping and singing and having a good time. Keith went out of his way to be personable with the guests by including them and making them a part of his show. All the pictures show the big grin and laughter of everyone having a great time. My husband said, this is one birthday and one party that he will never forget for a long time. He said, it was great and no one can top that! Keith, you make a great Elvis and we did it!!!! Thank you Keith and thank you Ruby for making this a special memory for my husband as well as for me, his parents and many others. Many Thanks again and Happy Holidays. Marilyn & Ed Bradenton,

 Fl -Marilyn M, Bradenton, FL

Keith was great! He was so accommodating and fun and we really had a great time with him. I would recommend him to anyone.

 -Vicki M, Orlando, FL

Keith Coleman knows what he is doing he was just outstanding and I would reccomend him to everyone I know and dont know. he was GREAT ! thanks Keith your wonderful ! -Anna W, Dover, FL

Keith was very nice and did way over the expectations of impersonators. -Gloria C, Tampa, FL

WOW,WOW,WOW and WOW again. What a show, I never dreamed there was entertainment like yours available. I could never "top" this, except by bringing you back, which is what everyone here is clammering for. You and your troupe will be the talk of our "park" for months to come.
Again, thank you for a wonderful evening, you made me look good.

PS. I have taken the liberty of copyng your business card and will be recommending your show to other "park"s in the area.